Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day Breakfast

Valentine's Day Breakfast
My husband  mentioned that he was going to make eggs and toast for breakfast on Sunday, Valentine's Day so I decided to try my version of eggs-in-toast. The British version I've heard is toad-in-the-hole ( I think it comes from baking sausage in the biscuit), other names are eggs in a basket, I like eggs-in-the-hole. At first I thought this would be just a cute photo, but it's actually really tasty. The toast with butter and the egg combo is actually a perfect way to enjoy a fried egg.

To prepare the meal, I first buttered a pan &  cut a heart out of the sourdough bread using a heart cookie cutter. If I tried this again, I would use a larger piece of bread and a larger cookie cutter, but this worked ok. I set the heart aside and then toasted the bread in the skillet on both sides to get a nice brown color. I then broke the egg into the hole and cooked the egg until done. I turned the egg once for "over easy" At the same time, I added the little bread heart I had cut out and toasted it also in the skillet to brown and crisp both sides. A little salt and pepper and this dish was complete. Oh, the bacon was my husband's contribution to the breakfast. This was yummy and I"ll try it again sometime.!

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