Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Still more staff photos

Tammy, our head baker, has been with us for years! She remembers the old days in the home-based business and stuck with us through it all!. Jess also has stayed with us through the years, she not only works in the bakery but also packaging the gifts and shipping.

More Candid shots at Country Cupboard Cookies

Sandy has been working with us since we moved to our new location in the fall of 2007, She helps me run the office , keeps customers happy and helps out with the gift orders.

More Candid shots

Danielle, part of our friendly customer service staff also works in gift packaging and has been spending more time decorating cookies in the bakery, especially with the recent Steeler Cookies and Valentine Cookie week.

Candid shots at Country Cupboard Cookies

Stopping for a minute to pose, Judy and Nancy both bake and package cookies for gift giving. Judy has been working with us since before we moved to our new location, she was so helpful with our gingerbread line this past Holiday season! Nancy remembers the old days in the basement and garage of our home , she now runs the gift packaging dept.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cookie of the Month Club

A cookie gift every month for 3 months! This is an unique way to stay in touch with someone, everyone loves a package and there is something different in each assortment. I especially think this gift can be very useful in Business using the gift as a tool to stay in touch with clients.
Cookie flavors can include Chocolate Chip, Super Chocolate Chunk, Double Chocolate Fudge, Heart cut-out sugar cookies, Snickerdoodle, Old-fashioned Vanilla, M&M Chocolate Chip cookies, Macadamia White Chocolate, Cherry Chocolate Chunk,.....more on our website .

Friday, February 6, 2009

Chocolate Valentines for Delivery


These yummy cookies are available for shipping from our online store at . Double Chocolate Fudge with extra chunks of Callebaut chocolate, wonderful Chocolate Chip with more chocolate chips than flour and our buttery melt-in-your mouth sugar cookies frosted with chocolate buttercream. Happy Valentine's Day!
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Cookies with Romantic verses for Valentine's Day

Something about the pastel colors that make these cookies more sweet, I guess, but Valentines Day is mostly just a fun day to indulge! These were fun to make, we have a whole list of verses at the bakery, can't wait to start baking them for Valentine's Day!

Conversation Heart Cookies for anti-Valentine's Day

All in good humor, I know that there are those who really don't like Valentine's Day. Well, I wouldn't either if I was heartbroken. This is a tasty way to laugh it off, we asked everyone to come up with "break up " verses, the list is actually longer that the "romantic" list, and seems to be more fun. I guess we all need to laugh at ourselves sometimes. Hmmm, well, the cookies are all good and they all taste the same!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A wintery day in Pittsburgh

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Looks lonely out there in the parking lot, everyone has gone home to beat the snow on this day. There will be plenty of time to bake tomorrow getting ready for Valentine's Day shipments of cookies and brownies.

Wintery Day

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Cold Wintery Day at Country Cupboard Cookies

The small sign below our company sign in the window says "Go Pens" another favorite team in Pittsburgh! Now that football season is over, I'll have more energy to think of hockey and watch a few games.


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