Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We're Busy decorating Easter Eggs ...Cookies, that is!

 No matter how busy I am each spring, I always find time to decorate eggs for Easter. Sometimes I'm in my kitchen late at night with 12 hard-boiled eggs and food dyes wondering why I keep this up when my daughters are adults now and my husband is more into carving pumpkins at Halloween than sharing this old family tradition with me! But each year, I find it relaxing and nostalgic and I do enjoy Egg Salad in the days after Easter! Here at our cookie bakery, we are busy decorating Easter Sugar Cookies in beautiful spring colors. The Easter Bunny Cookies are so cute also, and we're adding jelly beans to some of our Easter Gifts this year.

 Chocolate Bunnies, and the myriad of Easter candy available, I'm sure are the popular items for Easter Baskets, but homemade baked goods I think are a close second. Fresh Baked Cookies, Brownies and Shortbreads have a place at any Easter Table. I'm planning on baking poppyseed rolls and homemade cake doughnuts for my family's Easter Dinner. I'm hoping my sister brings her pickled eggs and maybe potato salad. Of course, we will enjoy my Mom's famous baked ham along with kielbassi that my Dad enjoys preparing. Yum.
Fresh Baked Easter Goodies can be delivered Nationwide from our Cookie Bakery in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Visit our website if you are interested in a Cookie Delivery today. Enjoy your Easter Weekend coming up soon. It's such a nice time to enjoy time with your family and celebrate!


  1. Good day!
    Wow! Very cute cookies. Colorful and attractive. I bet the kids will enjoy having this cookies. I'm sure it also taste good.

  2. Oh, i really love cookies. My mom used to bake me some cookies. I think it taste really good. Keep it up!

  3. So cute! I am sure in this way we can increase children's attention in eating delicious foods like cookies.



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