Thursday, January 14, 2010

Snow Day Cookie Box

Love the colors of blue and white for these wintery mittens. We have snow on the ground for days now, so pretty and I know I'm not in the  majority of people who feel so, but I think Winter should actually be cold with snow. So I'm happy these last few days. Usually in the Pittsburgh PA area, it snows then warms up and thaws with rain. This pattern repeats itself until we are left lots of potholes and no snow. So this year is different and feels right to me. I'm even wearing a scarf to work this year. And to make it even better, scarves are popular now so that I've got many colors to choose from!

But back to cookie baking. We outlined these sugar cookies with a border of light blue piping, then flooded with thinner icing and finished the details with white piping. I'm not sure why blue and white seem so perfect for the winter, but I think they are a very cute and heart-warming cookie.

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