Monday, January 18, 2010

Cookie Delivery for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is my favorite season here at Country Cupboard Cookies. It's not that I'm so romantic or that I love the colors red and pink so much, but I really do like the simplicity of the holiday. Hearts, Hearts and Hearts. Red, pink, white. Sugar & Chocolate. After the crazy Christmas season around here, I'm in the need for simplicity. We've photographed some new items this year for Valentine's Day, I think they all look delicious, but my favorite are the new mini-hearts, buttery sugary cookies topped with pink, red and white icings. Like I said, simple. This photo is of our new Love Letters Box. The stack of cookies are really little envelopes sealed with a heart. It's hard to tell in this photo with the ribbon, but they are so cute.         Gourmet Valentine's Day cookie delivery

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