Sunday, March 8, 2009

Super Chunky Cookies

I'll admit that I'm somewhat obsessed with baking chocolate chip cookies. I enjoy baking them and tweaking the recipe even more than eating them. Well, I spent a few hours yesterday trying to create a thicker, chunkier, bigger chocolate chip cookie that would also remain moist. In the past, adding extra unbleached flour would create a larger chunkier cookie, but at the expense of losing that melt-in-your mouth center. Well, I won't say this one is perfect because that can really never happen when you're talking about chocolate chip cookies, but I have to say that this cookie is absolutely wonderful. The trick is that there is no one trick. I increased the brown sugar, increased the unbleached flour, kept the butter cold, tweaked the baking soda and baking powder, chilled the dough, increased the oven temperature in our convection oven, and Hand scooped the cookies. Yes, no scoop would work with these cookies. They must be hand formed to keep the dough light, any machine or scoop would compress the dough too much. The cookies, that we are offering now at Country Cupboard Cookies online are 4-5 ounces each. They are at least an inch thick and between 3-4 inches in diameter. ( Twice as large as our regular cookies) But it's the texture that makes them such a treat. Buttery rich yet, somewhat airy in the middle. Somehow they are not dense, but chewy and loaded with chocolate. They are not your ordinary chocolate chip cookie. I'm very happy with the recipe! Now to work on a double chocolate version.

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