Thursday, October 11, 2012

Treat someone with Halloween & Fall Sugar Cookies!

Halloween comes at just the right time of  year to keep our minds off the craziest Holiday
around our Pittsburgh cookie bakery, Christmas! Red and Green are Ok colors but  I especially love the Fall colors of cookie decorating, the oranges, yellows and merlot wine colors. I especially love merlot wine too which is why the comparison came to me so easily. I could have just as easily compared the deep purple colors we use to grapes. Or Cabernet or Burgundy.

But I am on the subject of sugar cookies, not wine. The sugar cookies below were baked just for fun. We don't offer these in our bakery, way too much food dye but these are easy to do at home. Just take your favorite sugar cookie dough and add a gel type food coloring. Work the dye in with your hands until you are happy with the color. I would advise wearing disposable gloves to keep from staining your hands especially with the darker colors of purple and black. Plop pieces of dough down on your work area, putting together as a puzzle and then roll lightly with your rolling pin and or hands. Remember your days of Playdough. Or ask your kids to help. Don't over roll or the colors will all run together.
Then cut as usual with your cookie cutter, sprinkle with a sanding sugar and bake. They are yummy right out of the oven, no further decorating necessary.
Fall Sugar Cookies
 Wouldn't these cookies look great in a Cookie Gift Box for a college student studying for exams, or as a way to keep in touch with friends and family before the busy Holiday season is upon us? Trick or Treat? I say treat with Cookies!
Halloween Sugar Cookies

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