Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Cookie Gift Boxes

We are introducing new gift boxes this fall, a return to our original handmade look, back to basics.
We're so excited to offer these new natural kraft bakery style boxes filled with a natural kraft fill and wrapped with assorted ribbons, bakery twine and raffias. We've discovered a paper ribbon from  Paper Jacks a wonderful online company offering both paper ribbons and charming labels to make gift packaging fun and unique!

 We were looking for a gift wrapping idea to add an element of personalization and charm to our homemade cookies that we bake from scratch and package for gift giving. It's so exciting to start working with new packaging ideas and we plan to use a lot of this wonderful paper ribbon this fall and Holiday season!

 I just love the ability to make each gift box of cookies unique and personal for each special occasion. When our customers order a Cookie Delivery , we want to wow the recipient not only with the fresh baked cookies inside the boxes, but also with the first impression of the gift box. We use a lot of chocolate brown ribbons and I love the many designs we've been able to come up with so far. Watch for our homemade Christmas Cookies this year in our new handmade packaging!

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  1. Cookies gift basket or gift box are individually wrapped in any color of ribbons looks very beautiful and are tasty too.



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