Monday, May 2, 2011

Festive Happy Birthday Cookies & More

Still raining in Pittsburgh with not much sunshine yet for the first week of May, but I'm thinking summer colors! I really like these new colors of lime green, aqua blue, creamsicle orange and fuchsia pink. The Birthday cakes are very popular with our Cookie Gifts as they can be added to any homemade cookie assortment. Add a decorated Birthday Sugar Cookie to a box of freshly baked Chocolate Chip cookies and you've got a winner for any Birthday celebration. I also like the simplicity of the Daisy Cookies for the spring and summer!

We're shipping sweet  Mother's Day Gifts today so I took one more photo of these adorable shoes and purse cookies. The combination of Pink and chocolate brown is nice too. I think we may add some other colors this summer for this line of decorated cookies. Maybe some chocolate brown with turquoise blue? Black is nice for handbags and shoes but not for cookies so I'm not sure about that combination.  The problem with black is a lot of food dye is required for the frosting to attain the perfect black shade. So I think we will stay with more neutral colors. Maybe a tan and blue??

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