Monday, August 2, 2010

Cowgirl & Cowboy Cookies for August

Each month we bake a featured cookie for just that month, August is our Cowboy cookie. I think of it as a trail mix wholesome cookie. Based on an oatmeal cookie recipe, the cookie has m&m's, chocolate chips and pecans. People ask why they are called cowboy cookie, I'm not sure, but if I were out riding on a trail, it would be a great cookie to have with me. I haven't been out riding on the trail lately, but I certainly have in the past. My Dad is a cowboy of sorts, he still rides at 83 and keeps horses at the farmily farm in Pennsylvania. He's always talking about buying a ranch in Colorado, he hasn't yet, but you never know.

My favorite thing to do with this business is to create new recipes. I have to be careful that we don't have too many cookies, though, because I'm always dreaming up new recipes. And other people here contribute to that. For example, Danielle, just gave me a recipe for Key Lime Cookies. Now doesn't that sound good! When I get a chance to try those, I'll be posting a photo and sharing the recipe also. But back to the Cowboy Cookies. I got the idea this year to partner a Cowgirl Cookie along with the usual Cowboy cookie. But it was impossible to choose a favorite with the possibilities that we came up with. So we've decided to offer an assortment of three this month and see how they go. If they prove to be popular, maybe we'll continue them for the year. If not, maybe just an August thing. 

The trio of Cowgirl Cookies includes the Signature Cowgirl: an oatmeal cookie very much like the Cowboy cookie without the nuts. Instead we've added semi-sweet chocolate chips and White Chocolate Chunks. The 2nd cookie has a kick to it with Dark Chocolate Chips, cinnamon and chipotle chili pepper powder. This is a new flavor combination for me, but my daughter has moved to Dallas Texas so she is always mentioning chipotle in this and that, thus the idea. The third cookie, the Wrangler, is my favorite. Oatmeal based with creamy peanut butter and milk chocolate almond toffee. The peanut butter softens the cookie and the toffee gives it a crunchy texture. Perfect!  The cookies are sold in a cute chocolate brown box tied with twine and natural kraft fill. Kind of rustic and very delicious!

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