Friday, August 14, 2009

Monogram Cookies in a Rainbow of colors

These simple but elegant monogram cookies were done for a bridal shower in an array of rainbow colors. I like the simplicity of these cookies, with cello favor bag and a pretty bow, they are perfect for a bridal shower or wedding. Our sugar cookies are baked with all natural ingredients and hand-rolled, then hand decorated. Every batch is custom made to order.


  1. Two questions.. how do you keep your royal icing bright white? Mine seems to go dull and kind of yellows after two days, unless I use real egg whites. Use lemon juice when making, does that make it turn?
    Also, how do you keep color, especially black, from bleeding into the white, especially if you don't want the black or white to be dry first, i,e running them together.

  2. Cathy,
    We've noticed that it helps to beat your white royal icing a little longer to maintain the opaque quality which will give you an improved white color. Experiment with the time you beat the icing, too long will break down the egg whites. If you are running black and white icing together, we recommend keeping your black & white colors stiffer than you usually do and make sure the color is well incorporated into the icing. Any "watery" or too thin icing will tend to bleed.

  3. LOVE THIS!! I’m definitely going to make this to give as gifts. So cool!



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