Thursday, January 29, 2009

Valentine's Day Cookies for Delivery!

Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday at the bakery. I wish I could enjoy the Christmas season more, but it's so busy that all I can do is really concentrate on the details of the the orders. Valentine's Day however is a short season for us, maybe 2 weeks of preparation, then 1 week of shipping. The colors are simple, red & white, although we've added chocolate brown, gold and cream this year, and who doesn't love pink frosted sugary heart cookies? People and companies have "lists" at Christmas, at Valentine's Day there really are just special friends and loved ones to indulge. It's a great way to warm up the cold wintery season here in Pittsburgh, especially after this weeks ice and snow and slush. ( and even thunder one day, yes, it really did thunder in the middle of an ice storm. )
We have so many new yummy items this year for Valentine's Day to offer, I can't wait to start baking , the boxes are here and the ribbons are beautiful. I hope some people will try our new signature chocolate brown , cream & gold box of cookies shown here, it's a change from the red & white, but will also include pink hearts and assorted homestyle cookies such as super chocolate chunk, snickerdoodle, white chocolate macadamia nut and double chocolate cherry cookies. Visit our online store for more ideas and to order. For now, I have to go get ready for the Super Bowl Game !!! Go Steelers!

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